Saturday, 14 November 2015

The Benefits of Getting Your Water Heater Maintenance


Keeping your water heater operating in top condition requires regular maintenance. Regular maintenance allows you to clean and make repairs to parts that if left alone would eventually lead to bigger issues with your water heater. While that is the biggest benefit of water heater maintenance, there are actually a few others to be aware of.

Insulating Can Improve Efficiency

Adding insulation or repairing torn or worn out insulation is a great maintenance move to make. It has been shown that proper insulation will greatly reduce your energy costs up to nine percent. It reduces heat loss, so the water in the tank stays hot, requiring far less energy to reheat the water sitting in it.

Sediment Flushing Increases Life Span

Regularly flushing your hot water tank removes sediment that can build up in your tank. Flushing the tank remove old water along with the sediment. Sediment left sitting will lead to rust, which eventually breaks down the tank, which will then need replaced. By getting rid of that sediment, your water tank will last longer.

Regular water heater maintenance is going to be very beneficial in many ways. Not only will it help you to avoid bigger, more costly repairs, but it will also increase the system’s efficiency and the life span of the system. Visit this website to learn more about water heater repair in Chapel Hill.

Friday, 13 November 2015

A Leaky Kitchen Faucet is Money Going Down the Drain

A dripping kitchen faucet is not only annoying but also wastes gallons of water and skyrockets your water bill. A simple repair by a professional plumbing service will save buckets of water – and money.

Re-imagine Your Kitchen With New Plumbing

When you remodel your kitchen, it’s a good time to think about the plumbing in that room, too. It’s likely that you’re using the original plumbing and after several years, it could probably use some updating. A plumbing remodel may allow you to create the kitchen you’ve always wanted by better preparing the room for special features and a new layout.

1.    A Water Filtration System
As you redo your plumbing, an inline filtration system should go on your list. It’s designed to fit in with your pipes under the sink. Some may also be connected to your refrigerator so that you have filtered water available from anywhere in your kitchen.

2.    A Second Sink

You may want to consider adding a second sink. This can come with a garbage disposal and back-flow valves and may also have a spigot specifically for hot water. Additionally, a filtration system may be configured into this sink.

3.    A Better Layout

Remodeling your plumbing also provides the opportunity to redesign your kitchen. If you’ve always thought it would make more sense for the sink and dishwasher to be closer together, now is the time to move them. Relocating pipes could give you a layout that’s better to work in.

Think about remodeling your plumbing as you work on your kitchen. You may just find your dream kitchen. For more information about plumbing remodeling in Carrboro, visit this website.

Thursday, 12 November 2015

Samsung HVAC Sales Conference: Big Plans and Product Innovations

Samsung is getting around. Now established as one of the key players in the burgeoning HVAC ductless air conditioning/VRF market, Samsung more

Consider a Plumber for Your Business


You hire a plumber for all of the problems that arise at your house. Are you that careful at your business, though? It’s just as important to take care of the plumbing at your workplace. Hiring a commercial plumber could be a good move for your business.

1.    24 Hour Service

Emergencies rarely happen when it’s convenient. One of the benefits of working with a commercial plumber is that you can call them as soon as there’s a problem, even if you notice that problem as you’re leaving the office. Many commercial plumbers offer 24 hour service so that they can take care of small problems before they become large problems.

2.    Your Productivity

Plumbing problems at your home are inconvenient but manageable. When they happen at your business, however, they’re disruptive and hamper your ability to properly do business. Whether you run an office building or a movie theater, your business runs best when everything, including the plumbing, works.

3.    Knowledge of Your Business

While some commercial plumbers service several types of businesses, others specialize in just a few. A plumber who specializes in the kind of business you run will be more familiar with common problems that arise and how to fix them, especially if you work in a specialized industry yourself.

Don’t let plumbing problems halt your business for a day. Visit this website to learn more about commercial plumbing in Durham.

How to Check Your Drain for Clogs

A clogged drain can often be a huge pain to have to deal with. While some clogs may seem minor, a failure to take care of the problem can often lead to more serious situations with your pipes down the line. What’s more, there are not always clear ways to tell if your drain is experiencing a clog. When you know what to look for, you will be able to get help from the right professionals to fix your drain.

When it comes to your kitchen sink, the easiest way to spot a drain is by paying attention to how fast water is going down. To check for a clog, let the water in your sink run for a few minutes. If the water begins to collect, without moving down the drain, or if the water is going at an incredibly slow pace, it generally means that you are dealing with a clog. Though there are many chemicals on the market that claim to help a clogged drain, some of these agents can wind up causing more harm than good. This is especially true if the clog itself cannot be fixed by simple drain cleaning chemicals. When you notice the water is not draining, it is a good idea to contact the right professionals to assist you.

For your toilet, there are several indicators to look for. First and foremost, a toilet that does not flush properly means that you have a clog somewhere in your pipes. A great way to avoid clogs in the pipes of your toilet is by only flushing what should be flushed. This means that items such as tampons, baby wipes and tissues should be disposed of in the garbage, rather than flushed down the toilet. When these items wind up in your pipes, they can stick to the sides of your plumbing, causing buildup over time and creating serious clogs.

While some problems with your pipes are straightforward, others may point to larger concerns. When water in your toilet or tub does not seem to be draining properly, it could mean that you have an issue with your septic tank. This is not a problem that you should attempt on your own, as an improper fix can only cause more severe problems in your septic tank.

Don’t let a clog ruin the pipes in your home. When you realize that your pipes are clogged, it is a good idea to contact the right professionals for the job. For more information on drain cleaning in Scotts Valley, visit this website.

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Clean and Clear

When the water that comes out of your faucet is not clear, it could mean you have a problem with your pipes. Murkiness is a sign of unclean water, so be sure to contact the right professionals when this occurs.