Friday, 13 November 2015

Re-imagine Your Kitchen With New Plumbing

When you remodel your kitchen, it’s a good time to think about the plumbing in that room, too. It’s likely that you’re using the original plumbing and after several years, it could probably use some updating. A plumbing remodel may allow you to create the kitchen you’ve always wanted by better preparing the room for special features and a new layout.

1.    A Water Filtration System
As you redo your plumbing, an inline filtration system should go on your list. It’s designed to fit in with your pipes under the sink. Some may also be connected to your refrigerator so that you have filtered water available from anywhere in your kitchen.

2.    A Second Sink

You may want to consider adding a second sink. This can come with a garbage disposal and back-flow valves and may also have a spigot specifically for hot water. Additionally, a filtration system may be configured into this sink.

3.    A Better Layout

Remodeling your plumbing also provides the opportunity to redesign your kitchen. If you’ve always thought it would make more sense for the sink and dishwasher to be closer together, now is the time to move them. Relocating pipes could give you a layout that’s better to work in.

Think about remodeling your plumbing as you work on your kitchen. You may just find your dream kitchen. For more information about plumbing remodeling in Carrboro, visit this website.

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