Monday, 5 October 2015

5 Signs Your Home Needs Water Line Repair

Don’t know a thing about your sewer line and what it does? It takes care of the water after you finish with it by draining it into a septic tank or the public sewer. Should it block completely, you and your family will be greatly inconvenienced; all daily routines will be interrupted. To avoid this domestic calamity be alert to these warnings that you sewer line is under duress.

Clogging fixtures are the most common sign of impending trouble. Begin by checking all toilets in your home because their plumbing’s routes to the sewer line are short compared to those of other fixtures. They are also wider, so slow emptying there is an early warning of a clog. Next, look at all tubs and showers. Because they are found on a plane below sinks, slow draining and water buildup occurs there first.

The second sign is unaccustomed water behavior. This means things like water from toilet flushing backing up into the shower and a slow-emptying sink that affects toilet water level.  Gurgling or bubbling in the toilet bowl, too, means difficulties ahead.

The third sign is washing machine operation making toilets overflow. This means the main drain might be blocked. If the toilets empty correctly while the washing machine operates, the latter may need repair. Should you be lucky enough to have a main line clean out—an opening or passage in the sewer line that leads into a place that needs occasional cleaning—take off the cap and study the water flow. No water moving upward means no clog. Standing water means a problem looms.

Study your trees and the direction of the main sewer line. How old is the line? How old are the trees? You may be looking at the fourth sign of line blockage—tree roots, the number one reason for drain failure. In the case of older homes, roots can, over time, actually crush older fired clay pipe. If your home’s drains are gradually slowing, it’s a likely bet that roots are the root of the problem.

You can search for the final sign by doing a little work. If you’re still not sure if the clog is in the main drain or elsewhere, run a manual or powered snake into the drains leading to sinks, toilets, tubs, showers and any other plumbed fixtures. If they are all clog-free, the culprit is the main drain.

If these signs tell you your sewer drain is blocked or nearly so, it’s time to call in a professional cleaning expert. For information and advice concerning main sewer line repair in Carlsbad area, visit this website.

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