Monday, 5 October 2015

Keeping Your Air Conditioner Safe in the Off-Season

When summer finally comes to a close and it’s time to start giving your furnace some work instead, it’s important you don’t forget to prep your air conditioner for the off-season. By taking a few basic steps at the end of the warmer months, your A/C unit should remain safe and protected so that when the heat rolls back around, you’ll be ready.

Winter Cleaning

If spring’s the season for scrubbing down the inside of your home, winter’s the season your air conditioning unit gets the royal treatment. Take care to remove sticks, leaves, and other debris from in and around your air conditioner, and give it about a foot of space on each side to breathe. Don’t forget to clean out your filters!

Coil Care

Your A/C utilizes coils to send cooled air into your home, and caring for them is an important element of general maintenance. Refer to your owner’s manual for proper cleaning and care instructions to make sure your coils are ready for action next season.

Seal of Quality

If your air conditioner is a window-mounted unit, be sure to take a second look at the seals around its edges. A compromised seal impacts your home’s insulation, allowing heat in during the summer and letting it out in the cold season.

Consult the Pros

For surefire confidence, let the professionals get your appliance all set for the season. Please visit this website for more information about air conditioning services in Oceanside.

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