Monday, 5 October 2015

Get Rid of Clogged Pipes and Awful Smells

Dread the drain when it slows. Everyone knows that means a darkening plumbing sky. Sniff the air to confirm what you already expect: the main outlet is starting to clog. Sooner or later it will jam completely, promising a watery wasteland in bathroom and beyond. Skip the drain cleaners and the plunger. It’s time for effective action! Try these.
  • A Bent Wire Clothes Hangar—Straighten it, and then with pliers bend a little hook into one end. Open the drain, hold your nose and start digging. Expect hair clumps and other debris. Always pull up. When finished, sluice all with the hottest water.
  • Vinegar and Baking Soda—Mix one-third cups of the two and immediately dump the solution down the drain. Let it sit awhile, the longer the better. Finish the job with hottest water rinse.
  • Wet/Dry Vacuum—Turn the control to liquid setting and plug the vent tightly. Improvise a seal to fit the end of the hose. Hold the seal firmly against the drain opening and crank the vac to max power. With a little luck debris will end up in its bag.
  • Boiling Water—Simple and virtually foolproof (if you’re careful), this method frequently gets results. Put the boiling water in the largest container you can comfortably maneuver. Pour a portion down the drain, wait a few seconds, then repeat until all the water is gone.
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